Floor Safety & Cable Protection
  1. Anti-Slip Safety Tread Tape
    Anti-Slip Safety Tread Tape
    SKU : 11-ST
    Ideal for preventing slip and fall accidents. Commonly used on stairs and smooth floors. View Details

  2. Conformable Anti-Slip Safety Tread Tape
    Conformable Anti-Slip Safety Tread Tape
    SKU : 11-CST

    Anti-slip tape for chequered steel plate and textured or uneven surfaces

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  3. Safety Tread Cleat Yellow
    Safety Tread Cleat Yellow
    SKU : 11-ASC

    Safety Tread Cleat with message

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  4. PVC Directional Tactile - Peel & Stick
    PVC Directional Tactile - Peel & Stick
    SKU : 12-PTD

    Self adhesive tactiles are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, have fast installation time, and are very durable.

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  5. Ezi-Line Marking Tape
    Ezi-Line Marking Tape
    SKU : 10-EL

    Ultra tough construction allows Ezi-Line to be used on any surface indoors or outdoors

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  6. Reflective Conspicuity Tape
    Reflective Conspicuity Tape
    SKU : 09-C
    For marking Trucks, Trailers, Signs and much more View Details

  7. Anti-Slip Tape - Luminous
    Anti-Slip Tape - Luminous
    SKU : 11-ST50L
    Glow in the dark anti-slip tape provides slip resistance as well as warning people of hazards in darkness. View Details

  8. Safety Tread Cleat
    Safety Tread Cleat
    SKU : 11-STC

    Self adhesive tape sections with grit surface 

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  9. Reflective Hazard Tape
    Reflective Hazard Tape
    SKU : 09-48HT
    For identification of hazards at night View Details