Need help making 2018 a safe year?
14/02/2018 1:19:16 pm

Now that everyone is back at work, it's time to make sure that Health and Safety are top-of-mind for 2018.

Part of that is considering, afresh, if there's anything that can be done to better protect your staff, plant and buildings, and the public.

At Vanguard, we're motivated and ready to help.

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Vanguard office dates over the holiday period will be:

  • Office closes: Midday 22 December 2017
  • Office reopens: Monday 8 January 2018

This year has been a very busy one for our team, with a number of exciting developments on our quest to becoming... Read More

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The Brain Injured Children Trust
28/11/2017 8:20:20 am

The Brain Injured Children Trust provides ongoing support and resources for families that have a child with a severe brain injury. This year, we were able to support 4 children... Read More

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Stay Safe News
20/11/2017 2:03:10 pm

Welcome to our online newsletter Edition 8
Throughout this issue you will find helpful case studies, what products to use in different areas and a few of our latest projects in this particular arena. Check out page 7 for our latest news and what we’ve been up to. Read More...

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Sick of Steel Plates? NEW RoadPlate
25/10/2017 9:35:30 am

The safe and efficient option to steel plates. Modular Road Plate improves safety while decreasing installation time and traffic management costs. Read More...

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Emergencies can happen anywhere, any time, and without warning. Investing time into planning now will help keep you, your family and your colleagues safe, as well as protecting your business. Read More...
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NEW! LowPro at Vanguard
10/10/2017 11:44:37 am

The new LowPro technology uses the patented Flexi-edge system to greatly reduce trip hazards for pedestrians and to reduce unwanted movement. Read More...

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Keep NZ Beautiful - Clean up week
7/09/2017 9:25:07 am

Clean Up Week is New Zealand’s largest litter clean up event, which takes place from the 11th until the 17th of September. Here at Vanguard we like to do our part to support the local community during this time... Read More

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Young children are extremely vulnerable on roads and in car parks. According to a recent report from the Ministry of Transport (MoT), children aged five to nine years are most at risk as pedestrians... Read More

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Did you know, falls due to slips and trips result in thousands of injuries every year?

With Winter starting to bite, decks and paths can quickly become an unseen danger. Good housekeeping is the first and most important level of preventing falls due to slips and trips. Here's 8 top tips... Read More

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