Calm, everybody

Date: 04/06/2019

We’ve recently installed several new traffic calming systems in warehouses, process plants and factories around New Zealand.

They’ve resulted in a safer environment for staff and visitors, greater efficiencies, and reduced liability. So that’s win/win for everyone!

One enquiry was from a company who had concerns about vehicles entering their premises at unsafe speeds.

The solution that we recommended was our 50mm high heavy-duty speed cushions. These have the advantage over conventional speed bumps that they are forklift-friendly and calm speed without creating too much of a big bump for trucks carrying heavy loads.

Another client, who runs a large dairy processing company, had trucks entering their site at speeds that were unsafe. It was our job to help slow vehicles and help protect everyone on site. 

We worked with the client to reduce the speed risk by; implementing safety measures using our 50mm high, heavy duty speed cushions, along with warning signs, and a traffic separator.

The result is heightened driver awareness of their speed thanks to the signs, the physical reminder of the speed cushion, and the safety net of the traffic separator.

This ensures that drivers going too fast and possibly crossing the centre line in front of an oncoming vehicle will have both a visual and physical reminder of where it’s safe to travel. 

The result is a safer, more pedestrian friendly, site and greater peace of mind for the site manager now hazards have been minimised. 

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