Civil Contractors Conference - Rotorua – A chance to discuss the civil safety challenges

Date: 13/08/2019


Vanguard had the pleasure this year of being an Exhibitor at the 2019 Annual Civil Contractors Conference (CCNZ) in Rotorua.

It was informative and thought provoking to be part of a group of industry experts both exhibitor’s and attendees all sharing their own challenges, initiatives and success stories.

We know that the variable nature of roading and civil construction offers up many challenges when it comes to the safety of staff and the public, so saw this conference as a great opportunity to re-connect with those in the industry and hear about their work site safety needs and concerns. 

One message was very clear through the speakers; “The safety of our workers must be No.1”. The ability to come to work and have a safe working environment at all levels and across all different facets was a key take out for all attendees.
The safety of workers should be key when it comes to planning worksites, writing procedures and allocating staff to jobs with appropriate skill level. Keeping the safety of workers and those around a site at the forefront is imperative. More time being put into the planning of jobs and removing of risks, gives not only a better bottom line result it also delivers the best finished product with reduced risk of having to re-work the job.

The team at our stand talked to many attendees about how they could control pedestrians and traffic around small, medium and large-scale sites whilst keeping staff and the public safe and the project moving forward. Time constraints and tight deadlines always lead to pressures on any project, which can put additional safety risks on staff and the project as a whole.

These tight deadline challenges can be exacerbated by the lack of staff to complete a job. Employee shortage was another challenge we heard about from speakers and attendees at the Conference. Tony Alexander of the BNZ discussed the issues and constraints facing the civil construction market with the inability to get enough skilled workers onsite. This lack of resource adds additional safety concerns to any worksite, requiring more from those on site and a need for innovative solutions.

The Vanguard team attending the conference were able to discuss with many attendees the different solutions that could be used to give additional safety coverage where staff numbers are low on a site. Products such as portable Portaboom automatic barrier arms, fibreglass modular road plates and barrier fences were just some of the products discussed with concerned attendees.

The Team also had the privilege of hearing from Mike King in his presentation on mental health in the working environment in New Zealand. The encouragement of staff to come forward with concerns and pressures and feel safe in the workplace was a key take out, along with the need for us all to make ourselves available to listen and support those going through mental health challenges and give our unconditional time and love.

There were many more learning’s and interesting topics for investigation that we will continue to discuss in the coming months so keep an eye out and feel free to give us a call about your Civil and Roading project safety concerns, we are always here to help.

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