End-to-end traffic management initiative and PortaBoom

Date: 03/07/2019

Vanguard’s stand at the 2019 National Safety Show, June 23-25 in Auckland, featured not only their own products and expert staff but also Andy Cook from Health and Safety 101. Brendan McLean Vanguard Head of Sales says the idea was a winner with visitors to the Show. 

“It was one of our real highlights. You could see the lightbulb going on for people when we talked about end-to-end traffic management. “A lot of people don’t know where to start. Andy, and his team, can do the risk assessment, policies and legal elements, then we provide the practical products to implement them. “It’s a real demonstration of ‘Standing between you and harm’."

He says those calling in at the busy site were very open to ideas. “It was very much; ‘Tell me what I need.’” Brendan says the awareness of the necessity of leaving behind New Zealand’s “she’ll be right” attitude and developing a strong safety culture was heartening.

There was also significant interest in one of the company’s newest products – Portaboom. These portable, remote control, traffic arms, which debuted at the Show, are already used extensively in Australia. Portaboom is a huge step in addressing safe and effective vehicle and pedestrian access control in areas including factories and ports. In increasingly fluid and fast-changing work environments Portaboom streamlines communication, reduces risk to visitors and staff and allows staff to be deployed in a way that increases productivity and decreases cost.

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