How to Manage Work Risks

Date: 04/04/2017

"Remember that good health and safety is not about good paperwork,
it is about active control of risk."

Does your Health & Safety Plan stall at the 'doing' stage?
Every day we help people who have identified and assessed risks on their site but are unsure of the most practical way to minimise or eliminate the risks. Our solutions focused team are here to help!

Different businesses will have different health and safety risks. It all depends on the type of work you do.

A healthy and safe workplace starts with identifying and understanding what your work-related health and safety risks are; particularly those that have the potential to cause people serious injury or illness. It then involves doing what is reasonable, what is practical and what you are able to do to eliminate or, where they can’t be eliminated, minimise those risks. Your focus should be on managing your business’ most significant risks before managing less serious risks.

WorkSafe have pulled together some general guidance on how to manage your work health and safety risks. This includes a framework that guides you through the process for identifying, assessing, managing and controlling risks.

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