Keep NZ Beautiful - Clean up week

Date: 07/09/2017

Clean Up Week is New Zealand’s largest litter clean up event, which takes place from the 11th until the 17th of September. Here at Vanguard we like to do our part to support the local community during this time.

As part of this, we donated some Bago litter pliers and Bago bag holders for the children in the Enviro Group at Johnsonville School, to make it easier and more hygienic for them to pick up litter around the school grounds.
We had a great afternoon with the Enviro Group, talking about litter and the effect on our environment, and some fun quizzes and games! Check out the photos below!


Bago litter pliers come with two different handles, Scissor Grip and Pistol Grip. With incredibly strong pincers, these litter grips can pick up something as small as a needle and as large as a beer bottle! The pliers prevent the need to bend over to pick up litter, helping to prevent back aches and pains. The use of these pliers is important as it prevents the spread of germs and diseases with no need to touch the litter. 

The Bago bag holders are used to keep the rubbish bag open and accessible even in high winds, a useful innovation for a breezy island like NZ!


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Vanguard Group visit to Jville School
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