d-flexx Energy Absorbing Bollard


d-flexx Energy Absorbing Bollard

SKU: d-flexx Energy Absorbing Bollard

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d-flexx Bollards are made of flexible, 100% recyclable material that absorbs energy during a collision.

During impact, the material bends and then returns to its original shape. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Tested and certified by German TÜV NORD (DIN EN 1512)

Use to protect structures and equipment from traffic damage, and for traffic guidance.


Tested to withstand force of (joule) 2,000 J
Vehicle weight equivalent 2,000kg
Vehicle equivalent speed 5.1km/h
Equivalent angle of impact 90°
Operating temperature -10° to +50°
Chemical resistance  high ISO/TR 10358
Standard warranty 5 years 5 years


Height 1200mm
Dia 200mm
Base Plate 225x225mm



 D-flexx overview video

 D-flexx Montage Animation

d flexx bollard
d flexx bollard
d-flexx bollard system
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