Mightyline Corners and T's


Mightyline Corners and T's


Our Mightyline Floor Marking Tape is the toughest option available. Long-lasting, durable and easy to apply. Mightyline can handle a wide range of traffic including cars, trucks and forklifts. Mightyline is the best option for organising your workplace and enhancing visual appearance.

Excellent for lean manufacturing and 5S principles.

Use Corners and T’s to mark around objects on the floor such as pallet areas, machinery, racking and much more. Easy to apply and durable enough to handle forklift and truck traffic.Wide range of colours.

Available in 50 & 75mm widths. 

The colours available are Blue, Black, Green, Red or most commonly Yellow. 

Code Description
10-MLC  Mightyline Corner 
10-MLT Mightyline T

The minimum order quantity is 10 units. (not mixed colour or type)

Mightyline Corner 2
Mightyline Corner 2
Mightyline Corner 1
Mightyline T 1
Mightyline T 2
Mightyline Corner and T 2
Mightyline Corner and T 1
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