Tough Gateway Entrance Mat


Tough Gateway Entrance Mat


Tough Gateway is a heavy duty, indoor or outdoor entrance mat. The coarse fibres scrape dirt and debris from footwear and polypropylene surface absorbs moisture quickly. The unique non-skid PVC backing does not curl if rolled meaning it will continue to lie flat. Great for high traffic entrances and can be edged with a heavy duty edging which is suitable for wheeled traffic. Can be cut to any size to fit recesses in entrances or can be loose laid in entry ways or lobbies in commercial buildings, schools and shopping centres.


  • Coarse, raised hobnail shaped tufts ensure a powerful scrub to remove dirt and debris from footwear
  • High absorbing polypropylene surface dries shoes quickly
  • Hardwearing fibres gives the mat a long lifespan
  • Can be un-edged for mat recesses or edged for loose laying


Size: 2050mm wide - per metre

Tough Gateway
Tough Gateway
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