Dock-PRO Folding Barrier

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Dock-PRO Folding Barrier


Dock-PRO folding barriers are designed for the prevention of people and equipment falling into recessed dock areas, off platforms and into service pits.

The unique compact lift-a-way design has the required top and mid-rail configuration, which is simply lifted with a lightweight action, and nested out of the way overcoming the need of having to keep swing areas clear. This is an excellent space-saving alternative.

In the situation where ceiling height is limited, Dock-PRO Bifold is the answer. With its fold-a-way action, the wide opening can be protected with minimal height required.

Code Description Dimensions
49-DFB Single Dock-PRO 1m high x 3.1m wide overall.
49-DFB-BF Bi-Fold Dock-PRO 1m high x 3.1m wide overall. When arm is raised, 2.3m in height. The opening gap is 2.55m. 



Dock Barrier2.jpg.
Dock Barrier2.jpg.
Single Dock PRO 2
Bi fold Dock PRO 2
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