Walksafe Traffic Barrier System


Walksafe Traffic Barrier System


10 Year Warranty and Kiwi Made

Our Walksafe Traffic Barrier is a certified modular system that offers exceptional protection with a minimal footprint for buildings, assets and personnel that are vulnerable to vehicle and fork truck damage. Prevention of this damage by installing the Walksafe Traffic Barrier System has proven to be a cost-effective solution by many warehouses and processing factories.

The extensive range of components available makes the Walksafe Traffic Barrier an ideal option for many areas where protection is required. This system is available in a galvanised and/or safety yellow finish, and all other hardware and components are galvanised for superior corrosion resistance.

With 3 heights and 6 configurations available along with handrail and gate options, the Walksafe Traffic Barrier System system is a complete and versatile product that meets AS/NZS1170.

Available in heights of; 310mm, 610mm and 910mm as per the diagram shown in the third picture of the gallery. Each set up shown can also have the addition of a handrail if required.


Code DescriptionSize
49-BR240    Walksafe Barrier Rail 2400(L) x 295(H) mm
49-TR2200 Walksafe Barrier Handrail 2140 (L) mm
49-BS310    Walksafe Barrier Single Support Post (for 1 Rail high) 310(H) mm
49-BS610    Walksafe Barrier Double Support Post (for 2 Rails high)  610 (H) mm
49-BS910    Walksafe Barrier Triple Support Post (for 3 Rails high) 910 (H) mm
49-BCE90    Walksafe Barrier External Corner 90 degree
49-BC190    Walksafe Barrier Internal Corner 90 degree
49-BC295     Walksafe Barrier End Cap Adds 110mm to length 

Bolts are all included

Walksafe Traffic Barrier at Crossing
Walksafe Traffic Barrier at Crossing
Walksafe Traffic Barrier 2
W Guard Barrier 7
610 1 with handrail 1
Walksafe Traffic Barrier
W Guard Barrier 8
W Guard Barrier 6
W Guard Barrier 4
W Guard Barrier 5
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