Rubber Cycleway Islands


Rubber Cycleway Islands

SKU: 49-RCIM55-G

Modular rubber sections that allow for fast, easy construction of small traffic islands or lane separation.

Much more cost effective than concrete materials, allowing you to install interim separation at a lower cost while still being effective and aesthetic.

Bolt down design allows for removal later if required.

Ideal for:

• Cycleway separation
• Lane separation
• Pedestrian refuge islands
• Intersection lane control

Description Code Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Weight (mm) Mounting Elements Colour
Rounded End 49-RCIE 500 500 130 24 4 red or grey
Centre Module 49-RCIM 500 500 130 24 4 red or grey
Rubber cycleway islands2
Rubber cycleway islands2
Rubber cycleway custom colours2
Rubber island separator 2
49 RCI
Cycleway Islands Ends
Cycleway Islands dimensions2
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