PORTABOOM Automatic Barrier Arm

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PORTABOOM Automatic Barrier Arm

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PORTABOOM® is a patented, NZTA Approved, portable boom gate specifically designed for all temporary traffic and access control scenarios, replacing unsafe stop/slow methods.

PORTABOOM® can easily be moved and operated by specially trained traffic control personnel to provide a safe work environment for the general public, private vehicles, workers, plant and machinery.

Remote control operated, PORTABOOM® allows Traffic Controllers to stand in a safe zone, removing them from the direct line of traffic.

When compared with stop/slow methods and temporary traffic signals, PORTABOOM® is superior in its safety offering due to the physical barrier being in place to protect worksite.

Features of PORTABOOM®:

Easy to operate - PORTABOOM® is operated by a single button, remote control
eliminating any confusion and minimising traffic controller error.
•  Stable yet portable - Weighing 95kg with four solid wheels and breaks for added safety, its heavy enough for stability to withstand adverse weather and winds speeds of up to 82.8km/h yet light weight enough to easily manoeuvre.
•  Easy set up, no tools required - The boom gate and stability legs are attached and detached with ease.
•  Fast assembly - It takes only 5 mins to set up.
•  Longevity of battery life - The rechargeable batteries provide up to 6,500 movements, up and down.


PORTABOOM® can be used in approximately 80% of situations replacing traditional traffic control methods including:

  • Temporary traffic control
  • Local, residential street closures
  • Lane closures
  • Motorway & tunnel closures 
  • Access control to worksites
  • Event management
  • Pedestrian management



PortaBoom front boom down octa stop sign high res2
PortaBoom front boom down octa stop sign high res2
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