Pi-Lit Landing Zone Flares


Pi-Lit Landing Zone Flares


The Pi-Lit® LZ (Landing Zone) Kit employs state-of-the-art radio technology to create a safer landing zone area for rotary-wing aircraft. Five LED flares flash in unison to create a visible "constellation" to help the pilot distinguish the landing lights from the light-noise of surrounding ground-based emergency vehicles. Quick to deploy; easy to store; the pi-Lit® LZ Kit is another smart and easy to use product.

Perfect for police, fire, first responders, med-evac and military, the pi-Lit LZ Kit packs small and brightly demarcates the ground crew-cleared area for helicopter landing. The pi-Lit LZ Kit uses either infra-red or visible LEDs (or both) to allow for NVG approach. Designed to mark the corners of a 30 meter square with the 5th flare placed outside of the square to denote wind direction.

5 flares per kit. 4 flares spaced 30.48m apart to designate corners of square landing area. 5th flare placed outside of square to designate wind direction.
All flares flash simultaneously. This creates an easily distinguishable "constellation" pattern to aid pilot in differentiating landing zone from light "noise" of emergency ground vehicles.

  • Four flash patterns to choose from (operator's or helicopter pilot preference)
  • Default state alternates between flashing 12 side infra-red LEDs and 4 top visible LEDs
  • Operator can lock-on infra-red flash only or visible flash only
  • Battery status check with press of a button
  • Turn all flares off with press of a button (collect while flashing)
  • Included: AA Alkaline Batteries, Carrying Satchel

For more Info and Specifications download brochure here

Pi Lit Helicopter Landing Flare
Pi Lit Helicopter Landing Flare
Pi Lit Helicopter Landing Zone Flare 3
Pi Lit Helicopter Landing Zone Flare 1
Pi Lit Helicopter Landing Zone Flare 4
Pi Lit Helicopter Landing Zone Flare 2
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