Bago Litter Plier - Pistol Grip


Bago Litter Plier - Pistol Grip

SKU: 63-BLP490

Heavy duty, lightwight Litter Tool - Pistol Grip handle

  • Will handle the toughest jobs, yet light enough for all day use
  • Reduce the risk of accidental contact with contaminated objects, eg. needles
  • Reduce the risk of back injury from repetitive bending Increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees
  • Unique Chisel Grips will pick up cigarette ends and straws from between pavement gaps.
  • Rugged enough to pick up bottles and cans, yet precision enough to pick up a matchstick or needle!
  • A scollaped profile makes for easy handling of bottles and cans.

Make the job a pleasure - Use BAGO Litter Collection Tools. Increased Productivity, Improved Results, Less Effort!

Bago Pistol Grip Litter Plier
Bago Pistol Grip Litter Plier
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