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NZ Post Project.

Project Details: NZ Post is making a significant investment in a new site equipped with advanced high-tech conveyors. This new development is poised to enhance their operational efficiency and capacity.

The primary safety challenges faced by NZ Post at their new site included:

  • Pedestrian Safety: There was a critical need to separate pedestrians on walkways from the heavy truck traffic prevalent at the site.
  • Safe Crossing Points: Ensuring that pedestrians had safe crossing points and walkways was essential to prevent accidents.
  • Protection of Machinery: The high-tech machinery and conveying systems required protection from potential damage caused by material handling equipment and pallet trolleys.

To address these challenges, Vanguard provided an end-to-end safety solution including:

  • Tru-Gard 910-2 Double Rail Barrier: This barrier was installed to protect pedestrians from trucks on walkways, ensuring a clear separation and enhancing pedestrian safety.
  • Tru-Gard 610-1 Single Barrier: These barriers were utilised to protect structures and conveyors, safeguarding the critical high-tech systems from potential impacts.
  • Steel Guards: Installed to offer additional protection to the conveyors, these guards ensure the smooth operation of the conveying systems without interruption.
  • Surface Mounted Bollards: These were strategically placed to protect doorways, ensuring that entry and exit points remained safe from potential collisions.

The implementation of these safety measures by Vanguard has enhanced the safety and operational efficiency at NZ Post’s new site. Pedestrians can now navigate the site safely, and high-tech machinery are also well-protected – reducing the overall risk of accidents and damage.

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