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Visy Project.

Project Details: Visy, a major player in the packaging industry, required safety enhancements at one of their busier sites. The site has high foot traffic and extensive material handling operations in a confined space.

The key safety challenges identified at the site were:

  • Pedestrian Safety: There was a need to provide safe pedestrian walkways amidst the busy site filled with both pedestrians and material handling equipment operating in tight spaces.
  • High Stacking Safety: Ensuring safety in areas where products were stacked above 2 meters high was crucial to prevent accidents and injuries.

To tackle these safety issues, Vanguard implemented the following solutions:

  • Walkway Barriers: Installed 610mm height barriers with 910mm handrails to ensure pedestrian safety in high-traffic areas. Additionally, 910mm high single and double rail barriers were used to further segregate pedestrian walkways from equipment pathways.
  • Tru-Gard Tunnel Barrier: This barrier was specifically designed to address safety concerns related to high product stacking, providing robust protection and preventing potential accidents.

Execution: Vanguard successfully completed the project within the confined spaces of the site, carefully coordinating the installation during daily operations. This meticulous planning and execution ensured that productivity was not halted at any point, demonstrating Vanguard’s commitment to maintaining both safety and operational efficiency.

The installation of Vanguard’s safety barriers has significantly improved the safety conditions at Visy’s site. Pedestrians now have clearly demarcated walkways, reducing the risk of accidents with material handling equipment. The high stacking areas are also safer, ensuring that both products and personnel are protected from potential hazards.

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