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Enhancing Safety and Storage Efficiency Using Innovation.

With a new warehouse spanning the length of eight rugby fields, it was crucial for Winstone Wallboards to find ways to protect their staff from the risk of falling objects without slowing down their day-to-day operations. Faced with this challenge in their new facility, Winstone Wallboards reached out to us, seeking an innovative safety solution to keep their pathways safe and efficient.

To address this concern, Vanguard collaborated with Winstone Wallboards and their strategic partners, Tru-Bilt Industries to design a unique tunnel barrier system. These tunnels are not only long, spanning an impressive 130 meters, but also strong enough to withstand heavy impacts—certified to handle weights up to 400kg falling from as high as 800mm.

The result? A cutting-edge safety solution that ensures everyone in the facility can move around freely and safely, proving Vanguard’s commitment to innovative, end-to-end safety solutions. This case study demonstrates Vanguard’s capability to tackle big safety challenges and tailor solutions that go beyond the norm, making large spaces safer for everyone.

For a deeper dive into how Vanguard achieved this, you can read the full interview we conducted with Stewart Vaughan, the Project Lead at Winstone Wallboards, below. His insights offer a first-hand look at the collaboration and innovation behind making one of the largest plasterboard facilities in Australasia a model of workplace safety.

What was the particular problem Winstone Wallboards needed Vanguard’s safety specialists to solve?

Winstone Wallboards faced the challenge of integrating safe pedestrian pathways in a high-risk environment where goods were stored at heights. They needed a solution that would protect against the danger of falling objects while maintaining operational efficiency.

 How did Vanguard’s solution address this problem? 

Vanguard developed a tunnel walkway system that provided robust protection for the warehouse’s pedestrian areas. This solution involved custom-designed barriers that prevented any potential accidents involving falling goods, effectively securing the pathways below.

How has the solution impacted productivity?

The installation of the tunnel walkways significantly enhanced the layout of the warehouse, enabling Winstone Wallboards to utilise their space more efficiently. This measure allowed for smoother operations and increased storage capacity, directly boosting productivity levels.

What has been the staff reaction to the product? How have Vanguard created a safer environment for them?

The feedback from staff has been extremely positive. The Vanguard solution has made them feel safer and more confident while navigating the warehouse. By clearly defining and securing pedestrian zones, Vanguard has significantly reduced workplace hazards, contributing to a better working environment.

What was the story behind how Winstone Wallboards found Vanguard? What convinced them to work with Vanguard?

Winstone Wallboards sought a safety solutions provider who could tailor their services to meet specific and complex needs. Vanguard’s reputation for customised safety installations and their proactive approach to understanding client challenges were key factors that led to this partnership.

Has Vanguard met or exceeded these expectations? If so, how have they done so?

Vanguard has not only met but also exceeded Winstone Wallboards’ expectations by delivering a solution that surpasses standard safety measures. Their ability to innovate and adapt to the unique layout and risks of the warehouse ensured that all safety concerns were comprehensively addressed.

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