Carpark Safety

Speedbumps, Bollards and Wheelstops for large retailer


Our customer needed to implement a traffic management plan in their carpark that slowed down vehicle speed and provided clear pedestrian walkways that vehicles could not intrude upon. The team already had a good idea of what they wanted to achieve so they came to Vanguard knowing we have a wide range of suitable products that could help them physically implement their plans.


Vanguard visited the site to discuss the project with the team and agreed on a plan to install wheel stops, speed calmers and flexi bollards. The plan also involved line marking which was completed by a registered contractor.


The outcome of this project is an overall improvement in the safety of pedestrians as well as clear controls that help enforce the traffic management plan in the carpark. Vehicle speeds are now slower, pedestrian walkways are clearly marked so people know where they should be walking, and wheel stops prevent vehicles driving into the designated pedestrian walkways.

We are glad to see another project completed that ensures safety for both visitors and staff, and we look forward to our continued relationship with the team.

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