Electronics Retailer

Electronics Retailer Engineered Safety Solution

This nationwide electronics retailer was in need of a safety solution to delineate traffic and pedestrians in their warehouse. Vanguard were called in to consult with the management team on site and offer a solution that would ensure safety for their staff.


The company's warehouse had forklifts operating in the same space as pedestrians, including a workstation where staff had their backs to the high-activity area which made them vulnerable and sometimes unaware of forklift movements.


Our on-site safety consultant provided an engineered solution that involved the installation of double-rail Traffic Barrier with Pause Gates to manage pedestrian movement speed, and Expanding Barriers where larger trollies or pallets needed to be moved from the warehouse to the showroom.


The team can now operate in a much safer work environment, with staff kept separate from forklifts. The team's manager was pleased with the result and commented, ‘Your guys did a great job, thank you. Felt safer as soon as the first section went in’.



If you have any traffic or pedestrian safety challenges, please reach out. We're here to help.

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Workstation with traffic barrier
Workstation with traffic barrier
Workstation with traffic barrier
Vanguard traffic barrier
Traffic barrier and expandable barriers
Expandable barriers
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