Flexible Traffic Separators For Well-known Roading Company


Our Roading expert, Ollie, recently worked with a roading company to find a solution to a busy intersection in Porirua.

Porirua City Council needed to see how traffic would flow around a newly constructed roundabout so they could then plan where the carriageway will need to be modified before installing permanent kerbs and channels. This trial will go on for 6 – 12months so they needed something robust but also flexible enough to fix down and remove. Vanguard’s Traffic Separators fitted the bill.

The job took place at the busy Raiha St intersection which has a lot of traffic movement daily.

Works needed to be completed at night so there was no interference during peak traffic from 6am – 6pm. The Traffic Separator modules were easily moved into place at night-time and pinned down with no adhesive or concrete works required.

Ollie’s customer said that he chose Vanguard because of the superior customer service, advice and high-quality products. Great feedback and exactly what we aim to offer our customers.

Since installation, there has been great feedback from the community and Porirua City Council, and traffic is now flowing smoother in all directions.

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Pricing at Vanguard was on par with other companies
but they have better service and a large range of
products on hand when needed.

Phillip Mitchell|Contract Manager

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