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Pedestrian and Vehicle Segregation Walkways

Vanguard were called in to work with a large food manufacturing company.


Being a very large and old site with traffic flow not well designed for current safety requirements, this project was one that tested out our capabilities, both our consultants and installers. But with over 60 years of experience in the industry, Vanguard were confident in getting the job done to our high standard.


Our facilities expert, Brendan McLean was able to completely scope the site and in conjunction with the site managers and H&S managers, came up with a workable solution that would bring this site up to the safety standard required.

We used the WalkSafe Barrier System to segregate pedestrians and vehicles. These systems employ a Pause Gate which stops pedestrians for walking out too suddenly in to moving traffic.

For areas that needed barriers that could be put up and taken down we used Expandable Barriers which are highly visible and easy to deploy.


This warehouse space is now equipped with safe walkways for pedestrians to travel without concern of moving vehicles. Pause gates slow the rate of walkers at busy vehicle areas or blind corners. Expandable barriers are now available in areas where temporary cordoning of spaces is required. All staff can now operate in a much safer space. 


If you have any traffic or pedestrian safety challenges, please reach out. We're here to help.

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WalkSafe Barrier and Pause Gate
WalkSafe Barrier and Pause Gate
WalkSafe Barrier and Pause Gate
Expandable Barrier In Warehouse
Expandable Barrier
WalkSafe Barrier and Gate
Walkway outdoors
Pedestrian walkway and pause gate
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