Footpath Project


A contractor was undertaking trenching work across residential driveways and needed a way to enable vehicles to access the properties and pedestrians to use the footpath safely.

Previously they had used steel plates which required a lot of work - a Hiab to unload the plates and a digger to manoeuvre the plates into position. The contractor then had to lay asphalt around the edges to provide a smooth transition onto the plate.

They were looking for a better way.


Vanguard supplied our 15/10 Low Pro Safe covers which are tested and rated to handle a 3.5T vehicle over a trench span of up to 900mm. Slip resistant and hi-vis, each Safe Cover can be lifted by two people, so the trench could be covered, and opened to vehicle and foot traffic within minutes. In addition, the rubber edges eliminated the need to pour asphalt around the covers.


By using fibreglass Low Pro safe covers from Vanguard instead of steel plates, the contractor was able to save time on the job and eliminate overhead costs such as the Hiab truck, as well as provide safe, secure access for vehicles and pedestrians – a win-win outcome for all parties involved.

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