Over the last 150 years Kiwi Rail has grown to be one of New Zealand’s largest employers, and is an integral part of the economy moving goods and people around the country.

Kiwi Rail transports more than a million visitors every year, and transports 24% of New Zealand’s export goods.

Challenge: As part of their core values to care and protect their staff and visitors, Kiwi Rail is committed to making sure that people and trains are safe when working in the same environment.   

One particular rail yard is utilized by different departments with two different sets of process & procedures, which has meant many challenges around managing people and plant.

It was identified that controls would be required to safely allow people and traffic to move efficiently, whilst also restricting access for those not authorized to enter the site.

Constraints meant a pedestrian overbridged was not an option, so an alternative solution was required to adhere to company rules, regulations and values around the safety of people.

Solution: Vanguard was ready to meet this challenge and was called upon to design a solution that advised the best system and products that would maximize operational efficiency and minimize the hazards present on site.  Vanguard kicked off the process with a site visit to gain a better understanding of the sites operations.

Kiwi Rail chose Vanguard for their reputation on previous projects, knowing they not only had an extensive range of fit for purpose products, but also advice that would give them peace of mind.

To execute the desired control measures for this site, Vanguard advised on the best use of space when it came to the walkways and the most appropriate products to create the segregation required. The implementation of a Walksafe Hand rail system allowed separation of pedestrians and hazardous areas, whilst the Walksafe Self closing gates with a two-way spring-loaded hinge, ensured there was controlled access and the gate was always in the closed position. An Expandable barrier gave staff the flexibility to prevent unauthorized access, or allow free flowing traffic for operational effectiveness.

Since the Vanguard solution has been implemented the high level of risk for people has been reduced dramatically without effecting operational efficiency, and the ability of visitors to wander freely around the site has been almost eliminated.

Vanguard is proud of building a safe & efficient future for those at Kiwi Rail and support a company so committed to its people.  

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