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Seeka grow, pick, pack, cool store, supply and sell some of NZ’s finest produce directly to their customers. With their high-value crops, they operate a large-scale, quality-driven supply service.

With 12 + locations and over 3,000 seasonal workers, this is one busy organisation with a lot of traffic and pedestrian safety challenges.


Seeka approached Vanguard to help identify a practical solution for separating their staff from moving vehicles. Seeka had previous experience using steel barrier systems, however, this had led to ongoing repair and maintenance costs from the damage caused by impacts.


After visiting all sites, and getting a hands-on experience of the daily operations, Vanguard proposed their unique d-flexx barrier system. This is a high-quality system, manufactured from a polymer material which absorbs energy when impacted. By using this, it not only increased the safety of their staff, but also reduced ongoing repairs and maintenance costs.


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What they say

"Vanguard came in, they were very easy to deal with, scoped our problem areas, came up with a solution, gave us a visual mockup so we could actually see it, and then delivered exactly what was on that. It was a very smooth process and done in a very timely manner."

Paul Crone |Regional Manager

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