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Improved traffic control in changing times

PORTABOOM® is a relatively new, patented, NZTA Approved, portable boom gate specifically designed for all temporary traffic and access control scenarios, replacing unsafe stop/slow methods. It’s been picked-up by early-adopter construction and traffic control companies and is generating quite a bit of chat.

Here’s what some have said, already.

“Our employees feel much safer due to a physical barrier being down to protect the site”

“We are able to better communicate with Traffic Controllers as they are more mobile on site – offering much greater value in regards to site safety management”

“We have experienced far less incidents in motorists not obeying TC signals/instructions”

That’s all good to hear because we believe it’s a product that’s going to change traffic control as we know it. Thanks to remote control, it frees up some staff for other work, and lets traffic controllers stand in a safe zone – out of the direct line of traffic.

It’s also a clearer signal for vehicles and avoids simple human error.

Robust and stable enough to withstand wind gusts, it’s also lightweight enough to be easily relocated and set-up, no tools required.

It’s tested and proven for;

  • Temporary traffic control
  • Local, residential street closures
  • Lane closures
  • Motorway & tunnel closures 
  • Access control to worksites
  • Event management
  • Pedestrian management

Click here to view NZTA Register of TTM Equipment – PORTABOOM is on Page 7

Download PORTABOOM Operators Guide here


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