Traffic Management Company

Traffic Management Company - Pedestrian and Vehicle Segregation

Our client is an international traffic management company.


Our client needed to keep pedestrians from walking on a busy road that had trucks and other vehicles travelling along it. The public were jaywalking across the busy road creating a safety risk. 


Vanguard went on site to consult with the safety management team, scoping out requirements to come up with a plan. We recommended the installation of our WalkSafe Handrail System to keep pedestrians from jaywalking and Pause Gates at crossing points to guide them through to safe areas away from moving traffic.


The installation of 650m of our handrail system resulted in the safe separation of vehicles and pedestrians on this busy road. Our pause gates forced pedestrians to a stop before walking out on the crossing zones. Drivers can now travel down this road without concern of pedestrians stepping off the footpath and pedestrians are safely directed along the roadside. 

If this challenge resonates with you and you would like to speak with one of Safety Consultants about your business' safety, please reach out on 0800 500 147.

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WalkSafe Handrail Roadside Next to Busy Road
WalkSafe Handrail Roadside Next to Busy Road
WalkSafe Handrail Roadside Next to Busy Road
WalkSafe Handrail Roadside Roadside
WalkSafe Handrail Roadside Truck
WalkSafe Pause Gate at Crossing
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