Spill Control, Dangerous Goods & Emergency
  1. Spill Block Sock
    Spill Block Sock
    SKU : 46-SBS
    Designed to block and direct the path of spills, will not absorb them View Details

  2. Silt Sock - Filled or Unfilled
    Silt Sock - Filled or Unfilled
    SKU : 46-SS
    Designed to go around drains and prevent sediment from entering waterways but allow water to flow through. View Details

  3. Containment Sock
    Containment Sock
    SKU : 46-CS
    Universal sock to encircle spills, both absorbing and containing the spill. View Details

  4. Absorbant Pads
    Absorbant Pads
    SKU : 46-AP40
    Ideal for soaking up surface spills, contain drips etc. View Details

  5. Absorbant Pillows
    Absorbant Pillows
    SKU : 46-APL
    Ideal for soaking up pooled spills, drips and lining drip trays View Details

  6. Floor Sweep
    Floor Sweep
    SKU : 46-FS
    Environmentally friendly and made from natural products, this floor sweep is ideal for all oil spills. View Details

  7. Indoor Absorbent
    Indoor Absorbent
    SKU : 46-1015
    Designed specifically to rapidly absorb wine, soft drinks, detergents, juicesand oils. View Details

  8. Drum Seal
    Drum Seal
    SKU : 46-DS
    Ideal for temporarily sealing of cracks and small holes in tanks and drums View Details