Porta-Zone Belt Barrier – 46m

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Porta-Zone Belt Barrier – 46m


This guidance system is a robust and safe solution that guides pedestrians and vehicles

Quick and easy to set-up, the guidance system saves operators both time and money by only requiring one person to operate.

The Porta-Zone has a high visibility finish and features a hand wound mechanism to allow easy deployment, and with 2 x 23m long belts you can quickly cordon off any area up to 46m. When required, the unit can be positioned and then extended in two directions to form a high visibility guidance barrier.

The tensioning system ensures that longer extension of the belts will not sag.


  • Create a physical barrier to restrict access
  • Cost effective
  • High visibility
  • Quick to manoeuvre & deploy - only requiring one person to operate


  • Footprint (501mm x 671mm) 
  • Height - 1074mm 
  • Weight - Approx. 87kg
Porta Zone Belt Barrier 46m Moment
Porta Zone Belt Barrier 46m Moment
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APG Unit 2
APG unit 1
APG unit 2
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