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See how we help our clients to solve complex pedestrian and traffic safety challenges, keeping their sites moving and people safe, right across the country.   

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With a new warehouse spanning the length of eight rugby fields, it was crucial for Winstone Wallboards to find ways to protect their staff from the risk of falling objects without slowing down their day-to-day operations. Faced with this challenge in their new facility, Winstone Wallboards reached out to us, seeking an innovative safety solution to keep their pathways safe and efficient.

NZ Post is making a significant investment in a new site equipped with advanced high-tech conveyors. This new development is poised to enhance their operational efficiency and capacity.

Visy, a major player in the packaging industry, required safety enhancements at one of their busier sites. The site has high foot traffic and extensive material handling operations in a confined space.

Flight Plastics design and manufacture plastic packaging for all kinds of businesses, including food producers, retailers and horticultural suppliers. We run a manufacturing and packing facility in Lower Hutt, which has high foot traffic and trucks coming in and out all the time.

Citycare Water Construction installs new water pipes and replaces service leads to properties using directional drilling for watermain renewals. They previously used heavy steel or timber plates to cover trenches but switched to lightweight composite plates that can be installed by two people, saving time and money.

PBT Transport recently opened its new state-of-the-art depot at the Ruakura Superhub with the aim of being better able to meet its customer’s needs. At 490 hectares, Ruakura Superhub is one of New Zealand’s largest multi-use developments, equivalent to the size of Auckland’s CBD. 

A nationwide vehicle testing centre wanted to separate pedestrians and vehicles at their location. Vanguard supplied and installed pedestrian handrail and signage to complement the site’s traffic management plan

Our client came to us requiring a physical buffer for a long stretch between the roadway and the cycle lane.

The challenge of moving steel plates around on site was proving to be a safety and logistical nightmare for this contractor.

In October 2019 a major slip on State Highway 4 around Matahiwi (Te Ore Ore) destroyed a large section of the road, forcing its closure. Vanguard Group was called upon to consult with Higgins Palmerston North on managing traffic along the highway section that was disrupted. Higgins is a New Zealand-based civil construction business that specialises in major infrastructure and road maintenance.

This civil contractor required a safety fence to guide pedestrians through a worksite. This had to be ‘pedestrian friendly’ and comply with NZTA’s CoPTTM.

Our client was needing to create an area where trucks could turn around safely.

Our client required a durable and robust product to prevent their new dockway doors from getting damaged by forklifts.

Our client was requiring a cost effective way to prevent their new pallet racking asset from being hit and damaged.

Our client came to us seeking safety solutions for their new manufacturing facility. Their main requirements were around creating exclusion zones for operational areas, and also demarcation of the warehouse drive-through.

Any asset, especially a new build requires protection from vehicle damage. This contractor had a tight project timeframe to meet and was relying on a proven supplier to be ready to go as soon as the carpark was ready.

This contractor had a project where they had to dig trenches on a busy CBD footpath and keep them open for access over a 2 week period and minimise disruption to pedestrians at the same time.

Our client had a challenging facility where there was a high volume of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Vanguard was tasked with creating safe zones on site without impeding the day to day operation.

Our client had a interesting challenge of an older workforce but a degree of complacency coming in around areas with forklifts and trucks.

Creating cycleways in downtown Auckland is not for the fainthearted. Our client required a solution that created a physical buffer between cyclists and vehicles, however vehicles still needed to drive over the cycleway into a busy wharf area.

Our client was seeking to create a cyclelane on a busy CBD road, without using a product engineered into the road.

Our client had a very busy facility with a number of areas where staff crossed over a forklift drive through. We needed to create awareness and channel all pedestrian traffic in one direction.

Our client had a challenge where there was a risk of forklifts driving off the edge of their loading dock. A complete barrier wasn’t practical as they required access for truck loading and deliveries.

As part of their core values to care and protect their staff and visitors, Kiwi Rail is committed to making sure that people and trains are safe when working in the same environment.

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