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Steel Barriers.

Tru-gard Barrier is a certified modular system that offers exceptional protection with a minimal footprint for buildings, assets and personnel that are vulnerable to vehicle and fork truck damage. All barriers are NZ made and come with a 10 year product warranty

CODE: 910-3
The 910 high triple rail provides the highest strength rating to protect pedestrians and assets from larger vehicles impacts.
CODE: 910-2
The 910 high double rail offers more protection and a higher strength rating than the single rail units, the bottom rail can be placed at ground level for protection against fork tines.
CODE: 910-1
The 910 high single rail has a moderate strength rating to protect pedestrians and assets against impacts from light vehicles
CODE: 610-2
The 610 high double rail provides protection for assets from lower impacts such as pallets and fork tines.
CODE: 610-1
The 610 high single rail offers protection against light vehicles with the option of a handrail for pedestrian walkways.
CODE: 310-1
The 310mm high single rail barrier is ideal for protecting property and equipment such as cool store walls from impact from fork tines or pallets
CODE: 49-CBS240Y
The Cage Barrier System is used in cases where products are stored vertically next to a walkway, and there is risk of products or pallets falling onto personnel.
The Steel Pallet Stopper is typically used in conjunction with our barrier or handrail system for stopping pallets from hitting or damaging assets.
CODE: 49-TB2250
The Tru-Gard Toe Board is used with the Tru-Gard Hand Rail System and prevents a person’s feet slipping through and…
Tru-Gard Handrail is a modular handrail system used to prevent people from walking into dangerous traffic areas. The aluminium frame…
CODE: 49-TRG1100
The Pause Gate provides pedestrians with safe entrance/exit points from walkways, preventing people from walking directly into live traffic.
CODE: 49-TRG800
The Telescopic Pause Gate provides the functionality of a standard Pause Gate, but with the added convenience of having length adjustable from 800mm to 1400mm wide.
The Alert Gate uses an alarm and flashing light to forewarn vehicle operators that pedestrians are entering the area.
The Door Frame Bollard is designed to protect expensive doors and buildings from forklift impact.
CODE: 49-WG115GY
The Wheel Guide is designed to assist vehicle positioning when reversing into dockways and loading areas.
CODE: 49-AC1110G
Complete system of components Specialised support posts 1115mmH Tru-Gard™ barrier rail 2400mmL Custom-designed anti-climb screens fabricated from 2mm steel sheets…

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