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Mezzanine & Dockway Safety.

Innovative high-quality solutions for safety on mezzanines and dockways

Dock-PRO folding barriers are designed for the prevention of people and equipment falling into recessed dock areas, off platforms and…
Vanguard’s Mezzanine Rollover Safety Gate solves the challenge of leaving a mezzanine floor with no edge protection when moving pallets…
Our NZ-made Extenda-Gate Barrier offers the ultimate solution for safety and security applications. Crafted with top-of-the-line aluminum material, our barriers…
The Mobile Expanding Barrier is ideal for quickly wheeling into any situation as and when required. Simply wheel into position,…
CODE: 49-DF100
Heavy duty dock bumper to save damage to your building and vehicles.Tough, durable and absorbs impact. Can be mounted to…
CODE: 49-DB500
Heavy duty dock bumpersEconomical and effective way to reduce damage to vehicles and buildingsWeighs 14kgBenefits:

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