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Walkway Delineators.

WalkSafe Walkway Systems are a high visibility guidance system used to segregate vehicles and pedestrians along high activity areas. Handrailing helps guide pedestrians and gives them something to hold on to. Traffic Barrier Systems offer more sturdy protection and can withstand the impact of vehicles at lower speeds. All systems are modular and can be adapted to your situation.

Rubber Traffic Separator, also dubbed as ‘the traffic snake’, is a robust interlocking system is used to separate lanes and…
The Tru-Gard Handrail is a modular system designed to prevent people from entering dangerous traffic areas. Made from aluminium, it…
CODE: 49-TRG1100
The Pause Gate provides pedestrians with safe entrance/exit points from walkways, preventing people from walking directly into live traffic.
CODE: 49-TRG800
The Telescopic Pause Gate provides the functionality of a standard Pause Gate, but with the added convenience of having length adjustable from 800mm to 1400mm wide.
The Alert Gate uses an alarm and flashing light to forewarn vehicle operators that pedestrians are entering the area.
The Ultraflex Delineator is a premium quality delineator designed for residential roads and highway use.Superior durability designed to withstand multiple…
CODE: 49-FB800
Traffi-Tec Flexi-Bollards are highly visible, flexible and durable.With reflective bands for night visibility, they are ideal for delineation or identifying…
The Retractable Hazard Belt Barriers are the ideal solution in industrial environments. The Hi Vis black/yellow striped belts create an effective…

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