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Personnel Protection Screens.

Our range of protective screens keep you and your staff safe and productive in the workplace

Our Privacy Screens are a great solution for screening off areas from the public eye and for setting up around an incident.They…
CODE: 63-PPS-3
Vanguard’s Triple Panel free-standing screen gives your employees and customers the protection they need with ultimate set-up flexibility.Designed to help…
CODE: Mesh Tunnel Barrier
The Cage Barrier System is used in cases where products are stored vertically next to a walkway, and there is risk of products or pallets falling onto personnel.
In response to the current pandemic crisis and the demand for enhanced physical distancing between individuals, Vanguard have developed a…
Protect the privacy of victims involved in vehicle crashes, fires and police incidents with the new compact heavy-duty Accident Privacy Screen. BENEFITS:•…

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