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Expanding Barriers.

We offer a range of expanding barriers for workplace pedestrian safety. These barriers are designed to increase safety and awareness in areas with heavy machinery and situational obstacles. They can be used in various parts of a facility including warehouses, car parks, and other areas. Vanguard Group’s experts can help assess your facility and make recommendations on the best approach to safety.

Our NZ-made Extenda-Gate Barrier offers the ultimate solution for safety and security applications. Crafted with top-of-the-line aluminum material, our barriers…
The Mobile Expanding Barrier is ideal for quickly wheeling into any situation as and when required. Simply wheel into position,…
A versatile and portable solution. This durable mobile barrier is made to be used in a wide variety of situations. Ideal…
Expanding to a full length of 4m, the plastic mobile barrier consists of 900mm high yellow panels, providing an effective…
CODE: 49-SG4
The new Safegate™ barrier system is one of the easiest and fastest barriers to deploy.Consisting of 4 x 750mm wide…

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