How To Manage Safety in a Climate Of Rising Costs

What do you do with the physical safety of your people in the face of rising general costs and turbulent world affairs?

  1. You can ignore or defer issues and hope they go away or don’t happen, but we know regulations and laws don’t go away
  2. Put a band-aid on, but whilst you’ve spent some money, similar to the first point your exposure could still be just as high
  3. Or you fix the issue, saving the company money in the long run and reduce personal and professional exposure

As we’re consulting with clients, we’re seeing some safety teams who are under pressure to put safety projects on hold, or scrape together a band-aid solution to ‘get them through’ for now.
Unfortunately when it comes to safety and liability, your personal and professional exposure can’t be put on hold.

The correct answer here is;
– The right solution should save you money in the long run
– The right solution will keep your people safe
– The right solution will reduce your personal and professional exposure

It’s time to work smart and for all of us who work in the safety industry to come together.

The answer to this is to talk to your expert partners in safety, whoever they might be. For example, here at Vanguard we deal with thousands of traffic and pedestrian projects a year, and that experience is available to you today.