Lower total cost NZ-made extendable gates | Extenda-Gate

Lower total cost NZ-made safety barriers | Extenda-Gate

In today’s interconnected world, the allure of sourcing safety solutions offshore may seem enticing and cost-effective. However, the decision to say ‘Yes’ to offshore sourcing also means saying ‘Yes’ to factors like high import duties, inferior quality product concerns, and a looming increase in carbon footprint. While not all products entering the NZ market are affected, these issues are particularly impactful with many safety solutions, notably steel barriers, bollards and handrails. 

Here’s why buying cheaper products aren’t the smartest option.

Damaging to the economy

With Kiwis spending $8 billion with overseas companies each year, offshore sourcing hurts our economy, wallets and the environment. Supporting local instead of international would pour millions back into our country. 

Lack of quality control

Returning items overseas is costly. If your item arrives and is poor quality, you’ll probably deal with it rather than go through the hassle of sending it back – which means you’ll be stuck with a product that isn’t fit for its purpose. Local products often have stricter quality control and are more affordable if you need to return them.  

Higher total cost of ownership

If you have to replace and repair lower-quality items, it often costs you more in the long run. That doesn’t factor in lost opportunities or wasted time through equipment you can’t rely on.  

Vanguard Director Gareth McLean shares, “At Vanguard, we firmly believe that quality and safety are inseparable companions. For us, partnering with leading NZ-made companies that create value for our clients is important. The foundation of our strategic partnership with Tru-Bilt Industries is combining their safety product development prowess with our end-to-end safety design expertise. We feel the Extenda-Gate Barrier is a perfect example of these combined strengths, delivering improved safety solutions made in New Zealand for local conditions.” 

In this article, we will delve into the four key considerations illuminating why NZ-made is gaining prominence as the top choice when assessing your safety options, as seen with our latest safety barrier, the Vanguard Extenda-Gate Barrier. 

Extenda-Gates made locally – the preferred choice for NZ businesses

Investing in Vanguard’s safety systems – like the Extenda-Gate Barrier manufactured by Tru-Gard – does more than ensure a quality product for your work. It also means you’ve made a conscious decision to invest in safety, reliability, the environment and our local economy. By embracing and supporting New Zealand products, we can build a safer, stronger and more sustainable future for our country.

Knowing how damaging offshore sourcing is, it’s easy to see why locally-made, high-quality safety products such as Vanguard’s Extenda-Gate Barrier are gaining traction. 

Designed and Tested for New Zealand Conditions

When selecting steel barriers, bollards and handrails as part of your safety system, our local environmental conditions demand more from safety products than you may have anticipated. Tru-Gard’s safety systems have been meticulously studied, tested and refined to withstand the challenges posed by wind, rain, sea salt and UV light. This in-depth understanding of local conditions, backed by three decades of NZ manufacturing, gives everyone confidence in the product’s durability compared to the imported alternatives. 

Safety Handle

Locking Castor Wheel


Certifications and Rigorous Testing:

Tru-Gard products undergo rigorous testing right here in New Zealand and are accompanied by certifications that offer certainty for purchasers. With us, you can be assured that you are meeting the highest safety standards to protect your people and assets effectively. 

Commitment to the Environment:

These New Zealand-made safety systems are crafted from a mixture of new and recycled steel. They are fully recyclable at end-of-life, an important consideration when looking to reduce our impact on the earth. Tru-Gard’s innovative design also improves stacking efficiency during transport, further reducing the carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices. 

Supporting the Local Economy:

Choosing the range of NZ-made Tru-Gard products goes beyond ensuring safety and quality – it directly contributes to the local economy. Through Vanguard’s collaboration with Tru-Gard, we extend our support to other local businesses and industries, including transportation, galvanising, powder-coating and installation services. When you partner with Vanguard, you are investing in top-quality products and contributing to a thriving local economy. With our Vanguard team based in Wellington and Auckland, and Tru-Gard’s dedicated professionals in Dunedin, opting for NZ-made products is more than just a choice – it’s a commitment to keeping jobs and opportunities right here on New Zealand soil. 

Mark Taylor, General Manager of Tru-Gard, explains, “Amid financial challenges for organisations, it’s tempting to prioritise cost-cutting over long-term, warranted safety aligned with NZ Standards and our people’s well-being. At Tru-Gard, we take pride in our exceptional quality, rigorous testing and genuine care, setting us apart from imported competitors. Manufacturing our product range right here on NZ soil instils us with confidence in the quality and safety it offers to other spaces, and meets local certification standards.”  

Learn more about the innovative safety product Extenda-Gate Barrier by visiting the product page here or call 0800 500 147.