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Picto Stencil – Stop.


Crafted from heavy-duty PVC, this stencil is designed for permanent marking of safety messages on floors and walls. It can be used many times over due to its durability and is perfect for projects requiring the same image or pattern to be replicated numerous times.

Key Features:

Heavy-Duty PVC: Ensures durability and longevity.
Reusable: Suitable for repeated use in various applications.
Size: 800 x 800mm stencil with an image size of 650 x 650mm.
Custom Sizes: Larger sizes available upon request to meet specific project requirements.

Ideal for marking stop areas, hazard zones, or safety points in industrial environments, warehouses, and other settings where clear safety signage is crucial.

Picto Stencil - Stop
800 x 800mm (Image size of 650 x 650mm)

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Great company to deal with and extremely responsive. Stock was delivered expediently and we were able to have in place almost immediately.

D Riley

You guys have been awesome to deal with – speedy response every time! Oliver is great to work with, he has been a lifesaver throughout our project so far – we have certainly put the pressure on him to supply next day (every time!) Vanguard have gone out of their way to ensure we have all we need including delivering at short notice.

S Walker

Hi Vanguard Team, Your service has been outstanding. Products ordered arrive in a timely manner. 24 to 48 hours after order placed. Speed exceptional and product quality excellent. Thank you for your service and look forward to doing business with you in the near future.


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