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High School Driveway.

Vanguard were recently called in to a high school that had safety concerns around their driveway.


Our client was having trouble keeping students on the footpath running along their driveway and also wanted to ensure that vehicles would not drive up on to the footpath. Vanguard were called upon to find a solution with a complete custom design, supply and installation that would address both issues.


After consulting on a number of options, we decided that surface mounted bollards with chain linking in-between would both deter students from stepping off the footpath and ensure that vehicles could not drive up on to the footpath. With the low speeds that vehicles travel along this driveway, the bollards would also offer sufficient impact safety should an accident occur. The bollards were powder coated blue to match school colours and improve visibility to drivers and pedestrians.


Students now stick to the footpath up the driveway, giving peace of mind to staff and drivers can clearly see the separation between footpath and driveway reducing any risk of collision. We are delighted to see another project completed with the result being improved safety for pedestrians and vehicles. With the completion of this project we were able to give the school confidence in a safer tomorrow.

If you have any traffic or pedestrian safety challenges, please reach out. We’re here to help.

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