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Walksafe Traffic Barrier System For Forklift safety


A large logistics company in New Plymouth needed a pedestrian and vehicle separating system scoped and installed prior to their move-in and were running to a tight time-frame. They needed someone to come on site to assess their needs, provide an effective solution and install the products quickly.


Vanguard's expert in the Facility field, Brendan McLean, was tasked with providing a safety solution that was suitable to this environment.

Brendan was able to provide the best advice for the job and after consulting with the team, the decision was made to use Vanguard's Walksafe Traffic Barrier System. This barrier system was designed to separate pedestrians and operating vehicles such as forklifts which are present on this site. In addition to separating pedestrians and vehicles, the barriers created a walkway for staff to walk around the high movement operations space safely. With the addition of a Pause Gate at both ends of the walkway, staff are required to stop for a moment at each end before exiting the walkway. This reduces the risk of running out in to a dangerous area that is used by both vehicles and pedestrians.

Through experienced planning backed up with a dedicated logistics and installation team, Vanguard worked together to get installation completed in the limited timeframe. 


Staff are now able to walk around the high activity space safely, with guidance systems and sturdy barriers that will deter vehicles from encroaching on pedestrian areas. 



If you have any traffic or pedestrian safety challenges, please reach out. We're here to help.

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