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Construction deaths at 10 year high.

Understanding and implementing the safety needs of your work place is more than just ticking through a checklist of items or donning a hardhat and high Vis. The culture within an organisation is key to the successful implementation of safe working practices and policies.
A culture that includes safety, means an organisation places a high level of importance on safety beliefs, values and attitudes. It is present in all levels of the organisation and is encouraged from the top to the bottom.

A culture of complacency to safety is sadly what is contributing to the high levels of work place accidents and injuries.

Understanding what influences the culture within an organisation can contribute to changing the attitudes and actions of employees when it comes to Health and Safety policies and procedures.
Talking to staff and understanding the safety risks in their role whether that is on a warehouse floor or high up on construction site scaffolding, is fundamental to eliminating workplace incidents.

Here are a few key actions that Leaders can take in their approach to a culture of safety:

  • See the safety culture as part of the overall business culture not separate.
  • Be a visible leader, committed to Health and Safety practices and the well being of staff, suppliers and visitors to site.
  • Have a clear definition of your organisations safety culture and make sure your staff is aware of this.
  • Invest in Health and Safety products, procedures and policies.
  • Include staff in Health and Safety initiatives and changes, listen to their concerns
  • Include Health and Safety as an agenda item on your weekly team meetings
  • Respond positively and proactively to safety issues raised.
  • Always hold the view that safety is viewed as an investment not a cost.
  • Empower staff to react in a proactive way to safety concerns or issues they see.

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