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Where should I install bollards?.

Steel bollards have long been a trusted go-to product for robust asset protection and vehicle and pedestrian separation. Today, they’re more in-demand than ever.  

At Vanguard we have New Zealand’s largest bollard range, priced right and available nationwide in 24 – 48 hours. 

You’ll save valuable time in your procurement process and remove manufacturing lead-time risks. 

We also have an expert team who can advise you on which product is best for your site. 

Parking Bollards are designed to keep vehicles and pedestrians apart. They’re commonly used to guard footpaths, building entrances and fire exits. Parking bollards also protect high-value parking infrastructure from damage by vehicles. This includes; ticket machines, security offices, toll booths, ATM’s, fire hydrants, electrical transformers, air conditioners, switchboards, signs and other structures. 

Building owners in New Zealand are required to abide by a number of fire safety regulationsamong them ensuring fire exit doors are free from obstruction. The simplest, most effective way to do that is a safety parking bollard. These allow unrestricted pedestrian flow, in case of an emergency, and prevent vehicles blocking the exit. 

Our range includes Steel Bollards, Inground Bollards, Steel Hoop Bollards, Removable Bollards, Timber Bollards, Flexible Bollards and Slow Stop Bollards. Get the right product for your situation by having a consultation with our team. Make an enquiry below or send us a message on our chat.

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Not sure which bollard suits your requirements? Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today to get the right steer. We’re here to help you! 

We offer warrantees on our products, installation support, and a free consultation to help you find the best product to suit your situation. At Vanguard, we seek to protect you and your staff from harm, because we’re here for life. Standing between you and hard is more than just a motto for us.

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With over 45 years experience on the team, we have the knowledge and experience required to offer you the right solution for your situation.

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With over 45 years experience on the team, we have the knowledge and experience required to offer you the right solution.

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