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5 Reasons to Choose Soppec Paint.

As anyone working in a warehouse, logistics, facilities and transport company will tell you, good line marking paint is crucial for keeping your sites safe. And some work better than others.

For example, Soppec Line Marking Paint doesn’t only give you high-visibility in essential areas – it’s also designed to be easy and safe for the user and the environment.

Here are some of the factors that make Soppec a preferred line marking paint choice.

1. Precision and speed:

The unique formula ensures a precise spray, delivering crisp and clean lines every time. Rapid application is ensured with the Soppec Purespray Line Marking Driver, thanks to its high flow rate.

2. Durability for high-contrast surfaces:

Neat and precise markings without the need for flanges or guards. Soppec Paint is touch-dry in 11 minutes, ready for light traffic in 60 minutes, and heavy traffic in 24 hours.
That’s not all. Create durable, high-contrast markings on all surfaces, including concrete and asphalt.

3. Sustainable and environmentally Safe:

Environmental concerns are addressed with the non-clogging formula, ensuring 100% usage and eliminating waste. Soppec Line Marking Paint is not only free from harmful components such as CMR, Xylene, chlorinated solvents, aromatic compounds but is also certified to NSF “non-food compound,” allowing its use in food storage areas without worry.

4. Guaranteed performance:

Available in a vibrant palette of high-visibility colours, Soppec Purespray Line Marking Paint is sold in boxes of 6x 750ml cans per colour, and Soppec Tracing Line Marking Paint is sold in boxes of 12x 500ml cans per colour.

Unlike traditional line marking paints, the Soppec Paint formula ensures both precision and speed in creating well-defined lines.

5. Easy Application

The hassle-free application, devoid of flanges or guards, allows for neat and precise markings without additional equipment. Achieve more with less, as Soppec Paint offers a remarkable coverage of 90m in a 75mm strip per aerosol can on a smooth surface.

Line Marking Precision with Soppec

When you’re choosing line marking paint, guaranteed performance, easy application and a range of high-visibility colours can make a huge difference to the efficiency and safety of your site.

It’s why Soppec Paint is a market leader and the only brand we stock at Vanguard.

For easy ordering of Soppec’s full range of line marking paint, click here for the new ordering portal. For help choosing the right product, get in touch with our safety consultants.

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With over 45 years experience on the team, we have the knowledge and experience required to offer you the right solution.

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