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Our client is a well-known reputable national car dealership that is situated on the corner of a busy intersection. They reached out to Vanguard to seek safety solutions to an issue that they were facing and how we could consult them on a solution.


Due to the location of this site being on a busy corner intersection, public traffic was cutting through our client's site to skip queues at the nearby traffic lights. By having these speeding vehicles going through their site where there was frequent pedestrian traffic, this was creating a big safety concern. 


Our Safety Consultant, Brendan McLean, went on site to meet with the client and work on a solution. In order to slow traffic, our solution involved the installation of strategically placed Speed Cushions throughout their facility. We chose our 75mm High Speed Cushions for maximum impact at the business' entrance and exit. Throughout the middle of the site we installed our 50mm High Speed Cushions to minimise the disruption to our client when moving their vehicles throughout the site. 


By providing these solutions, we were able to minimise the cut-through of traffic through the site and lower the overall speed of all traffic on site.

If this challenge resonates with you and you would like to speak with one of Safety Consultants about your business' safety, please reach out on 0800 500 147.

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Car Dealership Exterior With Speed Calmers
Car Dealership Exterior With Speed Calmers
Car Dealership Exterior With Speed Calmers
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