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Driver Safe Zone – Caged.


The Driver Safe Zone – Caged offers an advanced safety solution for visiting drivers in high-risk areas where vehicles and heavy machinery operate in close proximity. Designed to provide a secure waiting area, the caged structure delivers maximum protection, ensuring the safety of drivers from potential hazards such as falling loads and lateral impacts.

Key Features and Benefits:

Maximum Protection: The caged sides and roof deliver superior safety, shielding drivers from overhead and lateral hazards in high-risk zones.
Modular Design: Customisable to fit specific site requirements, enhancing adaptability and ensuring optimal safety configurations.
Quick Installation: The flatpack kit set allows for rapid assembly, reducing downtime and facilitating easy setup in various locations.
Durable Construction: Crafted from powder-coated yellow galvanised steel, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing long-lasting durability and visibility.
Extreme Driver Protection: The barrier rails are rated to stop a 7-tonne load traveling at 6.3 km/h, ensuring robust defense against vehicle impacts.
Reinforced Roof: The mesh roof is rated to withstand a 400 kg weight falling from a height of 800 mm, offering additional safety from overhead hazards.
Loading docks
Industrial facilities
Construction sites
Barrier Rails: Rated to stop 7T at 6.3 km/h
Mesh Roof: Rated to withstand a 400 kg weight falling from 800 mm height above the roof

Implementing the Caged Driver Safe Zone enhances operational safety by providing an enclosed, secure area for drivers to wait, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safer work environment for everyone involved.

Driver Safe Zone - Caged
1510(W) x 2500(L) x 2450(H)mm

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