Slow Stop Bollard

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Slow Stop Bollard


The SlowStop Bollards are revolutionary impactable steel pipe bollards, that do more than just block access.

During a collision, the energy of the impact is progressively absorbed by an elastomer in the base of the bollard.

The post tilts slightly with impact and then returns upright, leaving your guard intact and ready to perform again. 

End your headache of constantly repairing and replacing bollards! 


Key Points:

  • 2 Year Product Warranty
  • Installation is Simple - requires only common tools and take about 15 minutes each to install.
  • Instantly Operational
  • Modular System
  • Flexible Relocation
  • Supplied with fasteners and cap


Please note: availability varies between sizes, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Code Description Size
49-SSB101Y Slowstop Bollard Galv/Yellow 101(dia) x 1100(H)mm
49-SSB141Y-RB Slowstop Bollard Galv/Yellow 141(dia) x 1100(H)mm
49-SSB168Y Slowstop Bollard Galv/Yellow 168(dia) x 1100(H)mm

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SlowStop Application Photos 63
SlowStop Application Photos 63
SlowStop Application Photos 64
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