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A safe and flexible barrier you can trust

d-flexx flexible barriers are a superior barrier system for traffic management and pedestrian protection in warehouses, factories, packhouses and other work sites.

Manufactured in Denmark from a polymer which is flexible, shock-absorbent and highly impact-resistant, they flex and absorb impact without damaging the floor, vehicle or the barrier itself. As D-Flexx's exclusive partner in New Zealand, contact us today to discuss how a flexible barrier system can improve safety and morale on your site and decrease your repairs and maintenance costs.

Watch our full case study at Seeka Bay of Plenty HERE

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The benefits of a flexible barrier system

Icons RGB Blue Impact Absorbing copy

d-flexx is a safe barrier that absorbs the impact energy, reducing the risk of serious injury and damage to the driver and vehicle

Icons RGB Long Life and low maintenance 

Long life and low maintenance
Because d-flexx absorbs the impact of any contact, connection to the floor remains intact and there’s no damage to the barrier itself.                                                                                                           

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100% recyclable
You can't get much better than that. The ecological footprint is tiny which makes it much easier on our planet.    

Icons RGB Corrosion chemical and UV resistant 

Corrosion, chemical and UV resistant
d-flexx does not rust and being corrosion and UV and resistant means the hi-vis colour continues to warn and protect with no re-painting needed

Icons RGB Blue Easily Installed copy 

Easily installed
d-flexx can be configured to suit any layout without the need for major installation changes. Supplied in a kit-set form means it can be adapted or added to as your business changes.

Icons RGB Tested and certified

Tested and certified
Tested and certified for strength and impact by German TÜV NORD to give peace of mind. 5-year warranty.


All workplaces have different risks

We understand that all workplaces have different risks with the type, weight and speed of vehicles present, and nature of vehicle and pedestrian zones. We can work with you from zone planning, through to installation and beyond, to ensure you get the correct level of protection you need.

(Note; other Flexible impact systems only test in-house and use ‘calculated’ crash ratings. d-flexx has been physically crash tested and certified by German testing company TÜV NORD. This means we can guarantee the strength ratings rather than hope that the calculated impacts are adequate).


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Contact our d-flexx specialist today to discuss how a flexible barrier system could reduce maintenance and improve safety, morale and operational efficiency for your workplace.

Brendan McLean
Safety Consultant
0800 500 147 



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