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d-flexx – Flexible Safety Barriers.

Protect your people from moving vehicles throughout your site while keeping your operations moving.

A safe and flexible barrier you can trust.

d-flexx Flexible Barriers are a superior barrier system for traffic management and
pedestrian flow in warehouses and other work sites.

Manufactured in Denmark from a PE polymer which is flexible, shock-absorbent and highly impact-resistant, they flex and absorb impact, then return to their original shape.

d-flexx barriers are built to last with a 5 year standard warranty.

Vanguard is d-flexx’s exclusive partner in New Zealand, contact us today to discuss how a flexible barrier system can improve safety and morale on your site and decrease your repairs and maintenance costs.

Check out what Paul at Seeka has to say.


Read the Seeka Case Study.

The Seeka Oakside packhouse located in Te Puke, Bay of Plenty is Seeka’s largest post-harvest kiwifruit packhouse and cool store facility.

Seeka had been using steel barriers to protect their team and equipment. These needed ongoing maintenance and when impacted would need to be replaced and repaired, costing time and money.

Seeka wanted a better way and reached out to long-time advisors Vanguard Group for a solution, becoming the first large site to deploy
d-flexx in New Zealand.

The benefits of a flexible barrier system.


d-flexx in action


d-flexx assembly


d-flexx is a safe barrier that absorbs the impact energy, reducing the risk of serious injury and damage to the driver and vehicle.

Long life and low maintenance

Because d-flexx absorbs the impact of any contact, connection to the floor remains intact and there’s no damage to the barrier itself.

100% recyclable

You can’t get much better than that. The ecological footprint is tiny which makes it much easier on our planet.

Corrosion, chemical and UV resistant

d-flexx does not rust and being corrosion, chemical, and UV-resistant means the hi-vis
colour continues to warn and protect with no re-painting needed.

Easily installed

d-flexx can be configured to suit any layout without the need for major installation changes. Supplied in a kit-set form means it can be adapted or added to as your business changes.

Tested and certified

Tested and certified for strength and impact by German TÜV NORD to give peace of mind. It has a 5-year warranty.

NB: other Flexible impact systems only test in-house and use ‘calculated’ crash ratings. d-flexx has been physically crash tested and certified by German testing company TÜV NORD. This means we can guarantee the strength ratings rather than hope that the calculated impacts are adequate.

View our flexible safety solutions.

The d-flexx Pedestrian Barrier is designed to separate people from light vehicles and machinery, and prevent pedestrians from walking into dangerous traffic areas.
The d-flexx Mono Barrier uses a single vehicle beam for protecting assets in high traffic areas where low mass vehicles are present.
The d-Flexx Mono Plus Barrier uses a single vehicle beam and three pedestrian rails to make the ideal barrier for high-traffic areas shared between pedestrians and low mass vehicles.
Th d-Flexx Dual Barrier uses double vehicle beams for protecting assets in high traffic areas where large vehicles are present.
The d-flexx Dual Plus Barrier uses two vehicle beams and two pedestrian rails to make this ideal for high traffic areas where people and larger mass vehicles share the zone.
The d-Flexx bollard is easily installed to provide high quality protection to structures and equipment against damage from light vehicles and machinery.
The d-flexx Self-Closing Gate creates pause points along walkways to guide pedestrians and stop people from abruptly stepping out in to active areas.

See the full range.

d-flexx barriers are designed to protect people from moving vehicles in warehouses, factories, packhouses and other work sites.

Manufactured in Denmark from a flexible, shock-absorbent and highly impact-resistant polymer, they absorb impact without damaging the floor, vehicle or the barrier itself. 

Please contact us for any questions or solutions advice.

With over 45 years experience on the team, we have the knowledge and experience required to offer you the right solution for your situation.

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With over 45 years experience on the team, we have the knowledge and experience required to offer you the right solution.

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